Sudanese Products for Sale

 We Promote Sudanese culture in North America as well we sale 
Sudanese traditional Products
Our main products are sudanese Tradtional perfume .

the famus one is called Khomra plus other traditional products

Our product range includes products for the local Sudanese markets as well as Foreign Markets.
              Diffrent Perfumes and Bakhours

Bint El Sudan, non-alcoholic perfume

Introduced in 1920, Bint El Sudan became an amazing hit with its fame spreading east across Africa and west across the Arab Middle East. In keeping with the prohibition enforced by some Muslims, Bint El Sudan was manufactured without alcohol. It's heavy aroma never found favor in Europe but, in the warmer climates where stronger fragrances were favored, Bint El Sudan became a runaway best seller.

We sale 3 type:-
The orginal one we sale2type Green and Red one not in stock we have Just the Green oily one .

Sudanese one 25ml t0 50 ml

     Bitalsudan Cream

       Majoh                         Jarig
                                                                     Cream Dokhan

Dehin Alsndal (Sudanese Sandal Oil)        Sandalika ( sandal oil)
 Henna (Natural Sudanese Henna)

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